The EasyWash - Portable Washing Machine

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The EasyWash is not just a portable washing machine; it's your passport to spotless clothes, no matter where life's journey leads you.

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Who Would Benefit From Using the EasyWash?
  1. Frequent Travelers: Whether for business or leisure, individuals who are often on the move can maintain clean clothes without relying on hotel services or laundry facilities.

  2. Students in Dorms: Dormitory living often means limited access to laundry facilities. The EasyWash offers a quick and convenient alternative for students to keep their clothes clean.

  3. Small Households: For individuals or couples living in smaller spaces, The EasyWash provides an efficient way to handle laundry without the need for a full-sized machine.

  4. Busy Students/Professionals: Those with demanding schedules may find The EasyWash invaluable for maintaining a fresh, clean appearance without the hassle of frequent trips to the laundry mat.

  5. Individuals with Limited Mobility: The EasyWash offers a convenient solution for individuals with limited mobility, reducing the need to transport heavy laundry loads.

How Much Can The EasyWash Hold?
Boasting an 6-liter capacity, The EasyWash proves that size doesn't dictate capability. You'll be able to wash up to a medium sized load of laundry. From a weekend getaway to a business trip, or even a camping adventure, The EasyWash is your steadfast companion for a fresh and crisp wardrobe.
KidsElation™ Foldable Washing Machine
How Does I Use The EasyWash?
Plug the power cord into an outlet. Then, simply fill the EasyWash with water up to the marked level on the inside of the item. Add your laundry detergent. Liquid, pod and powdered soaps are all supported. Finally, press the wash button on the front of the EasyWasher. Once the wash is completed, remove your clean clothes and drain the water into the sink.

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Can I Take It With Me On The Go?
Yes! The EasyWash is built with a foldable design, making it easy to store and pack! 

Can I Also Dry My Clothes?
Yes! Simply place the wet clothes in the basket. Then press and hold the drying button.

How Long Is Shipping? 
Once your order is processed, the delivery timelines are estimated to be within 5-8 business days. Shipping is free, no matter where you are! If you any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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