For Entrepreneurs

Innovation Island’s online community provides Entrepreneurs with patented Technologies available to licence and access to those able to support them in their commercialisation efforts including Mentors, Investors, Advisers and Service Providers.


If you are an Entrepreneur looking to get access to Technologies upon which you can build a new business, then Innovation Island is interested in hearing from you.  By registering with Innovation Island we can give you access to world-class patents and support.


We provide exclusive access to patented Technologies originating from Public Research Organisations on the Island of Ireland. Prior to publication, we evaluate the commercialisation potential of the offered technologies and, where necessary, ensure that the Technologies are in a position to be commercialised.

Exploring Commercialisation

We match you with suitable Technologies and facilitate the negotiation of Exploratory licences – these are time-limited licences available for a nominal fee.

During the Exploratory Licence period, we offer you supports to evaluate the best commercialisation strategy for the Technology. At the end of the period, you may negotiate terms to the Technology Owner for a Commercial Licence.

Getting Started

To get involved with Innovation Island, simply submit an online registration form at or contact the Innovation Island team on register at innovation island dot net. There is no charge to register as an Entrepreneur.

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