For Advisers

Innovation Island’s online community provides Entrepreneurs with patented Technologies available to licence and access to those able to support them in their commercialisation efforts including Advisers.


If you are an Advisor looking to support Entrepreneurs through an Advisory Board or Non-Executive Director position, then Innovation Island is interested in hearing from you.  By registering with Innovation Island we can give you access to Entrepreneurs trying to build businesses based on solid IP.

Advisory Opportunities

Innovation Island can connect you with some of Ireland’s best commercialisation opportunities in: Life and Health Sciences; IT / Software; Engineering; Energy / Environment and Built Environment.  Engagement with Innovation Island means you will be part of a unique Commercialisation Community.

Getting Started

To get involved with Innovation Island, simply submit an online registration form at or contact the Innovation Island team on register at innovation island dot net. There is a one-off registration fee of €500 ex VAT and an annual renewal fee of €100 ex VAT for Advisor membership.

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